Updates on my coding journey, 6 months later

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When I started this blog in December 2016 (almost a year ago), I pledged to write a post weekly. Some followers on Twitter told me that this was bold and that it was hard to be consistent. They were right. I kept my weekly pledge for 6 months, and then baby #3 was born. Life has been a storm since. 6 months later, baby boy’s still not sleeping through the night. And since my wife has finished her maternity leave and has resumed her medical residency, I’m the sole night watch. Do you imagine blogging while not having a single straight night for 6 months?

But I’m not seeking any excuses. Blogging is hard because it never seems a priority when life gets in the way. At the end of the day, regardless of how little I slept or how little margin I had left in my days, I could have found 1h per week had I really tried. So here it is: since my pledge was public, I publicly acknowledge my failure. And I won’t renew it. But I’ll still try to dust off my blog a little and bring it back to life a bit.

The first step will be to bring you up to speed to where I’m at in my software journey. A crazy lot has happened the last few months.

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