Review on my first tech conference – MiXiT


Back to blogging after a short leave

In my initial post on December 27th 2016, I pledged to write one post a week. Which is what I did without a single miss until April the 3rd, keeping my promise 15 weeks in a row. But those of you who follow carefully realized that I didn’t post anything since. By the way, I want to thank those of you who called me on this for caring enough to do this.

The reason behind these misses is that my (growing) family is in the process of buying our own home for the first time. And next to a full time job and a busy family life, this project has been taking all my free time since we made an offer that was accepted. We’ll be signing the deal at the end of this week, and now need to find the best deal for our mortgage. Each little win can mean thousands of euros in gain, so I’m working hard on it.

However, my wife rightfully pointed that life will always throw new urgent and important tasks at me. If I start making excuses, it will be much harder for me to keep blogging. So here I am, back to the task.

Now let’s talk about MiXiT

Today, I want to share with you some thoughts on the tech conference MiXiT 2017, which took place in Lyon Thurday and Friday of last week, and was the first tech conference I ever attended.

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