A tribute to my “secret mentor”, Quincy Larson

quincy larson and his family

Two weeks ago, I shared my first baby steps in web development. Thanks to the advice given by Derek Sivers, I read two useful books from the Head First series (HTML & CSS and Javascript & HTML5 Programming), and was encouraged to join the Free Code Camp (called FCC below) community.

There exists dozens of websites and online communities aiming at helping people get a foot in the door into the web development world. The first thing I asked myself was: “What makes FCC distinctive, and why should I follow this curriculum instead of any other?”

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Jan, Senior Software Engineer at Mozilla, on Clean Code

mozilla logo

A few weeks ago, I shared a post giving the answer to the question “What is clean code?” by five of the most respected software engineers in the industry. I concluded the article by saying:

I’ve also planned for the coming weeks to ask this question to some developers I respect in order to share their answers with you, with my comments.

Well for today’s article, I have the privilege to share with you the answer by Jan Keromnes, who is a senior software engineer at Mozilla. If you’re not aware, Mozilla is one of the hottest companies for which to work for as a developer, together with other big names such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. The selection process to get in is incredibly competitive, which means that only the best software engineers make it. And those who know Jan are actually not surprised at all that he’s one of the few who’s made it (and quickly became “senior”, on top of that).

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